About us

We are a small business located on the Shropshire border in the UK. What began as a small interest in web design, turned into us creating a shop online. With plans to provide a variety of popular items that sell well, we firstly set about creating a site using Microsoft Word. A great colourful and fully functional site was made, however we knew that, to progress we would need  software more dedicated to the task of making a shop. Using dreamweaver we made the shop  and were able to validate each page on our site enabling us to create a fully interoperable site (of which can be found at http://www.bargain-outlet.co.uk/index1.htm). This was created with HTML. As it all progressed we found that we would need dynamic pages so that customers can login and multiple items can be bought from the site. Therefore we now have dynamic pages written with PHP. That is how all the web development progressed. 

  With regards to our products, we find them at the best prices, so that we can sell them to you at the lowest possible price. We work for our money but enjoy the process. We have great plans to expand but recognize the importance of creating a quality experience for the end user. We have no intention of jeapordizing the quality experience for something that is not authentic. As it is we create all our own images, do all our webdesign and oversee every aspect of running the business.

 As the proprietor I also work in the building/construction industry which is where the majority of my income comes from. This site is my sideline project. That is not to say the necessary focus, attention and time is not dedicated to making an online environment that provides something that is right for you.

I hope you find the site enjoyable.